When we were dubbed the “lucky country”, it wasn’t meant as a compliment. It implied that the prosperity of our country relied on our natural gifts,
rather than the enterprise of our people.

But in the 48 years since this term was coined we’ve been busy, and the term “The lucky country” now betrays the clever nation we’ve become.
Similarly, Telstra was struggling to be seen as more than just a telco as they moved further into the IT services and strategy market. 

We saw an opportunity to change the way Australia thought about Telstra by helping Telstra change the way Australians thought about themselves.
So we created a campaign that saw Telstra own and champion the concept of “The Clever Australian”. 


Professor Donald Horne


Professor Larissa Behrendt


Dr. Sam Prince


Don Meij, CEO & MD, Domino's Australia


Ahmed Fahour, CEO, Australia Post


Photographers: Julian Wolkenstein (Donald, Sam, Larissa), Nick Bowers (Don Meij) Penny Clay (Sean Taylor & Ian Harvison)
Artist: Ian Wright (Australia Post)
Agency: The Monkeys, SYD, AUS