After 97 years of lower back pain, Converse had a huge announcement to make. They were releasing an updated premium version of the Chuck Taylor. The first time the iconic sneaker had been significantly overhauled since 1917. 

With a Nike Lunarlon insole and thicker padded canvas, they’re seriously comfy. 
Unfortunately, there’s nothing cool about being comfy. 

So we focused on what comfort means to the core creatives that wear Chucks. Being able to spend more time on your feet means you can keep doing all the stuff that you love doing longer… harder… and fiercer. 

The Chuck Taylor All Star II is ready for more.

Creative: Ida Gronblom, Fabian Burglund, Robert Concepcion, Ben Yabsley | Anomaly, NYC, USA
Production: Niki Polyocan, Kennedy Davey, Carrie Lewis | Anomaly, NYC, USA
Director: Vania Heymann | Pretty Bird