To celebrate the world’s most iconic sneaker we decided to say thank you to all the fans who have molded, ripped, scribbled and scuffed the Chuck Taylor legacy into what it is today - a sneaker of creative self expression.

’Made by you’ was a thank you letter 98 years in the making.

Utilising iconic OOH we turned the world into a gallery for our art exhibition that paid homage to the lives lived within Chuck Taylors.


A selection of the 400+ portraits.

Each portrait dominated subways, metrolites and iconic OOH globally.

Each major city also conducted their own curated gallery spaces which included immersive 360 experiences that allowed people to view the Chucks owners lives through Google Cardboard.


Best of all, fans began to create their own content organically,
mirroring OUR OOH layouts.


Agency: Anomaly | NYC
Photographer: Ben Alsop