After winning the YouTube Music business, we hit the ground running to launch a fully blown out campaign in an insanely short amount of time.

Our task was to achieve a huge number of new subscribers in the coming months and to generate mass awareness for YouTube Music.
We all know music on YouTube… but what’s YouTube Music, with a capital “M”?

In order to cut through the supersaturated music streaming market, we had to show why this product is unique and genuinely valuable for music lovers.

It’s a product that lets you explore endlessly to find the perfect song (or video) for the perfect moment. To unlock emotions and create connections.
We’ve all been there on YouTube - starting a journey listening to Kendrick’s latest song, and then somehow, in some pleasant way, ending up watching the video of Janis Joplin playing live at Woodstock in 1969.

Aligning with YouTube’s inclusive ethos, we launched a campaign that has often-marginalized communities at its heart.
It's Who We Are heroes people for whom music is a lifeline.

Jaysn's Theme

The most effective campaign in YouTube’s history

Afsa's Theme

Alex's Theme

3.6 billion impressions within first week of launch

Tina's Theme

Kristen's Theme

15 MM installs - doubling app install rate

And so, in around 7 weeks, we blew out the work, developed a new brand visual ID, produced 5 unique brand films, 5 unique product films, a massive photoshoot with 12 unique sets, a huge array of custom digital assets, and a massive OOH buy.

These simple, inspiring, beautiful, stories speak to not only the powerful emotions and connections that music provides us each individually, but also the unique benefits that the product delivers. It shows that, for the people who see music as way more than a passive soundtrack to their days, for the true music lovers - It’s not just what we listen to. It’s who we are. 


Agency: Anomaly | NYC
 Lance Acord | Park Pictures
Color: Tom Poole | CO3
Photographer: Olivia Bee