Chrome was Google’s answer to a more powerful internet experience. To demonstrate its processing power we to put it to the test of the world’s most powerful thinkers - Lego fans.

To bring this to life we decided to give people the opportunity to let their imaginations run wild by claiming an area of Australia through the Google Maps platform, building whatever was in their heads and sharing it with the rest of the world.

Build With Chrome was born, and it unleashed the inner child of the internet while letting people experience just how powerful Chrome really is.


500,000 visitors in the first 48 hours, spending over 4 human-years building

1M visitors in the first three weeks


66k complete, published builds in first three weeks


We ran into some issues with WebGL shaders work and the complexity of the 3D scenes - there were only a limited number of color bricks we could spit out - but there were some Easter eggs if you got creative with the code.


Agency: M&C Saatchi SYD, AUS
 North Kingdom
Web development: Agigen