Budweiser needed new positioning as it shifted its focus from the US to its expanding global markets. Simply running US work internationally was not going to cut it anymore. They needed a campaign that reflected the fact that Bud is a much more premium, aspirational beer globally than it is in the US. They wanted to define the city as Bud’s playground. We had to inspire their audience to make the most of the opportunities that live in the heart of their cities, while staying true to the brand DNA as the “King of Beers”.

To do this, we reinterpreted the famous Budweiser tagline into an aspirational call to action - “Be a King”.
Below is a taste of this new global positioning shot in Johannesburg. The filmic technique puts the beer and drinker squarely in the context of vibrant urban centers, and defines Bud’s new international playground as the urban jungle.

image1 (2).jpeg

we dimensionalised the statement to not be about gender...


…or about wealth


A simple formula for all of our films to be executed globally in a single take.


Agency: Anomaly NYC
Director: Dave Meyers
Photographer: Pip Cowley
Color: Tom Poole | CO3
Music: Squeak E Clean + Runtown